Thursday, June 19, 2014

Storyline Status Report

Here's what we've got on the go so far - check back for updates!

Grace Bridges
- Ave Oceansong and Eleon McManus, 10 stories, all published, plan to have Ave go down to the planet (how?) and meet Eleon the sub pilot, and interact with the whales/angels she can hear even from space, which helps solve a problem I haven't decided on yet.

- Nolefin, a nomad who undertakes a journey to Christchurch in search of a university professor who once visited his tribe. 12 eps written, none published as they are in need of an edit. Ends with him finding the prof's undersea office but the prof has left to find the tribe again. I could probably do another 12 eps about how the two eventually meet. This could end up long enough to be its own novella.

- Gritbreathers: A Novel (or: Pride and Prejudice in space and gender-swapped) - Rich girls come down from Avenir to hunt bugs and meet a family of mining brothers. I have done some preliminary work on this and written a first scene. Time to crunch the words on this, when I get some other personal projects further along than they are.

Heidi Kortman
- Douay Bede, and his quarr, Pangur Ban. I have episodes 12-15 written, and in the queue. Their story line is very close to sending them out from Sheba to Avenir. Once they reach Avenir, they'll connect with a group of children, and the young policeman and believer Shouhei.

Greg Mitchell
- Dressler: The Bug Hunter. When last we saw him, Dressler was on Avenir, hunting for bugs to help pay off the damage done to his house back on Eclectia (thanks to some guy named Considine). In his last appearance, Rahab was spying Dressler for her next meal but eventually decided to pass, sensing the hunter was made of tougher stuff.
Future plan was to have Dressler escorting Pieter and his band of orphans--among them, Cog, Clock, and Cara--through the bug-infested lower levels of Avenir. According to Jeff Carter's stories, here Dressler will earn the title "The Hero of Avenir", though it's an unwanted title.
Eventually, Dressler would return to his home and begin repairs, settling back into life with his daughter Edilyn. But, upon the onset of the Bug Wars, Dressler's reputation would make him a much sought after warrior. My idea was that Dressler would be nearly drafted into the fight and given command of a small militia--a position he is in no way prepared for. Some would scoff at the stories surrounding Dressler's accomplishments, while others would see him as an unlikely savior. But Dressler would have to lead a small band of bug fighters--including his young daughter--into war.

Jeff Carter
- The Rahab Conspiracy, the last story posted was DRIFTING, with the arch demon Rahab, having possessed the body of a giant spider, cruising the outer rings of Avenir and getting blasted into space. I have a few more in the queue, and then enough beyond that already written to complete the Rahab Conspiracy novel.

Fred Warren
- Smith, the Artful Dodger: I've got one episode in the queue...Smith and Kate, having rescued their brood from a kidnapping with a little behind-the-scenes help from Dreamer Anya Sherikov, have returned to their hideout. Smith, his confidence shattered, has enlisted a couple of beefy thugs to provide additional security, but they're surprised by an unexpected guest--Ave (Grace and I need to complete this encounter before Ave departs planetside). Moving forward, things are going to be tough for the orphans in the wake of the spider infestation, and Smith needs to reevaluate his leadership and plan for the orphans. The treacherous Wallace Beadle is still lurking about somewhere, but Anya's watching over Smith and his flock now.

- John Milton and the Dreamers: Two episodes in the queue...We discover what Melanie Hunt found inside her brother Carson's compartment--and Anya Sherikov makes Melanie an offer she can't refuse. Meanwhile, John Milton is designing his personal space within the Dreamers' virtuality, with a little "help" from Vicky Remsen. Moving forward, this thread is beginning to interact with Smith's story as Anya takes on the orphans as a personal project. Milton is considering Jiro's invitation to help him do something about the plight of the cyborgs, a plan which I hope will interact with Heidi's thread and Douay Bede. Melanie and her brother are about to be pulled deeper into the mysterious world of the Dreamers. Still simmering in the shadows is the Dreamers' long-term plan to surreptitiously refit Avenir's starship core and depart for a more promising colony planet, which may have been set back--or accelerated--by the spider infestation. Not sure which yet.

Mary Ruth Pursselley
- Celeste and Celia Harper, orphaned sisters from Adagio. Celeste knows of a volcano-buried city that dates from the time of the Founders. She collects artifacts from this city and sells them on the black market to support herself and pay for Celia to go to boarding school in Zirconia.

- Robin Corpsman is a successful young archaeologist for Trinity University. His personal goal is to discover the lost city of Empathia, an ancient landside colony founded by oceanic angels. These story lines entwine when Robin comes to Celia's school as a guest speaker; Celia realizes that Robin and Celeste are basically doing the same thing, but Robin has prestige and, more importantly, enough money to live comfortably, so she convinces him to go see Celeste the next time he's in Adagio.
Travis and I sort of connected our story lines when Robin helped Travis' character Burt by translating the writing on an artifact that Burt finds.
Travis, I know we talked at one point about bringing Wizard Hobson into this--possibly kidnapping Robin or something like that, was it?--but I've forgotten what the details were, if we ever actually figured details out.

Jeff Chapman
- The Firebug Series: The first story has been published on AE. Jack and Carl are hunters who have a falling out when the bugs go berserk and attack their camp. Jack thinks that Carl is either dead or wandered off in a delirium and decides to leave Carl and take the spoils of their hunt for himself. Turns out Carl is not dead or maybe his spirit is haunting Jack or something in between. Jack is the unnamed hunter from Travis Perry's story "Forgiveness," who refused to share a kill with Elsa. He brags about the incident in the first story.

- The Encoded Vellum Series: This series picks up on the story of the hermit and book that Elihu Simmons (another Travis Perry character) discovered in "A Fortuitous Stumble," "Shelter from the Storm," and "The Hermit's Cache." I've completed six stories (all published on AE). So far all the stories have taken place at the Abbey of Jerome with Brother Sebastian Norwich as the protagonist. Norwich will leave the Abbey to search for the secrets of the hermit's book. He will likely meet up with Elihu Simmons and also have a crisis of faith. This story could go on for a long time and stretch into a novel.

Travis Perry
I originally had thought to write a whole Bug Wars arc, but I've thought more recently about limiting the scope to Ernsto Mons and people associated with him. It's not exactly a huge priority for me at the moment, but I had hoped to link a variety of characters. I'd spoken to Heather and Mary Ruth about that and even Jeff Chapman and Greg a bit about Bug War or arcs related to Wizard Hobson (and talked to Kat and Pauline a bit as well).

Heather Titus
- Reeder, a messenger in Zirconia who has a brother who is possessed;

- Pieter, Cara, Clock, and Cog. I had an idea for Pieter and the orphans to be involved in killing some of the spiders that invade Avenir. Eventually Pieter's group and Reeder will join forces--Travis and I'd talked about them teaming up against Wizard Hobson, though why hasn't been really established, though it may have something to do with Reeder's brother.

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