Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Few Notes on Nomads

Walt and I had several email discussions concerning the Nomads of Eclectia and I wanted to share them here for any who are interested on writing stories that might involve them.

Walt: "On the nomads, I've really done nothing other than think of them vaguely. I was thinking of them as a mixture of Bedouin, Tuareg, and Mongol with a shot of Comanche. Not knowing where you're based (I'm in western Pennsylvania, U.S.A.), I'm giving you links to writeups about them (something for which, I'm afraid, that I'm infamous). (click on the names to go to wikipedia definitions of each people group)





"I put them on bugback because they needed a mount (walking nomads are so declasse--apologies to the African Bushmen and Australian Aborigines) and the only terrestrial native wildlife on Eclectia I've heard about are insectoid. As far as introduced animals, I'd expect feral dogs and house cats might have entered the ecosystem--the case of the dingo comes to mind. I am having trouble with the idea of feral chickens, though."

Long and short, as much as I have now from further talks with Walt and figuring a few things of my own, there is much room for variations of Nomads. The Nomads of the Five Rims could be extremely different than Nomads elsewhere on Eclectia if someone else wants to include them in their stories.

The bottom line: Eclectia is dangerous but survivable, even livable to those who know how.
For a bit of an idea of what it is like, watch the first five minutes of "The God's Must Be Crazy" to see how a people group survives the Kalahari Desert in Africa.

The Kalahari Bushmen have adapted to the land and live very simply on it. Translate that to Eclectia by adding seismic activity, weather extremes, and large bugs. Oh, and also, there may be deserts on Eclectia, but it is not all desert. The Eclectia Nomads and other off-grid peoples can't walk around in loin cloths or travel nearly as lightly as the Bushmen because of their season cycle. Plus, they are not unaware of other peoples and may not be as happy as the Bushmen. But the survival skills of the Bushmen in the desert is one of the ways to try to explain off-grid people's of Eclectia.

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