Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anthology Authors

Hey everybody--I'm heavily involved in assemblying stories for the first Avenir Eclectia anthology. I'm looking strictly at story lines with resolution, or stories that don't have a real story line and stand alone for the antho. The following authors have stories clearly ready for the anthology (not entirely ready to dial down to story by story yet):

Grace Bridges
Jeff Carter (a few stand-alone stories)
Jeff Chapman (A Creature of Words)
Frank Creed
Pauline Creeden
Karina Fabian
Kat Heckenbach
Holly Heisey
Greg Mitchell
Keven Newsome
Travis Perry
Mary Ruth Pursselley (Joy)
J. L. Rowan
Walt Staples (a few stand-alone stories)
H. A. Titus (counting on her to bring resolution to a story arc)

The following authors are being excluded on their request:

Jeff Carter (except a few stand-alones)
Ed Erdelac
Mary Ruth Pursselley (except "Joy")
Walt Staples (except a few stand-alone stories)
Jim Tesla

The following authors have stories that in my opinion, have enough resolution to justify publication, but which may be debatable:

Jeff Chapman (Elihu stories--I feel the arc has a long way to go but there is a kind of moral resolution that occurs when he does not take the money)
Kay Jeffreys (Jereth arriving at his destination is a sort of resolution)
Fred Warren (Dreamers revealing their plan is a sort of resolution)

The following authors have stories that don't work as stand-alones and have come to no resolution:

Joseph Ficor
Caitlyn Konze
Debra Cullins Smith

So, unless Joseph, Caitlyn, or Debra come up with some new material, I am sorry to say I don't believe they should be in the anthology...which is a shame, they've produced some very interesting stories.

Am I missing anyone? Anything I should know? Comments, questions? Please let me know...

God bless,



  1. Hi Travis,
    Regarding the Elihu stories, Elihu's role in that story arc (as far as I know at this point, never say never) concludes with the third story. The next stories will follow the hermit to the Abbey of Francis and deal with the deciphering of his manuscript. So, as you noted above, we do have closure as far as Elihu is concerned. I think that three stories can stand as a unit. Hope that clarifies.

  2. Hey, Jeff, yes--thank you, that's very helpful. So I'll include the Elihu section of your larger I'm really interested in where you plan to go with it...