Friday, November 4, 2011

Okay, sooo On Avenir....

Is the market above or below the Wizards. Are the wizards rock bottom? Do they take up several levels or just one.

Same question with Market. Is it on one level or many?

Guess the docking bays for ships have to be on the outer perimeter, or not since Avenir appears to be a giant wheel with spokes.

Just wondering if the levels mingle, if you have to pass through some things to get through others or if you can just step off a lift and find Wizards, or Market, or Docking Bays (whatever they are called on Avenir)

Sorry for being so dang pushy. I'm sort of at a stand still with one story until I get my bearings a bit better on Avenir.


  1. Kaye,

    I'd talk directly with Walt on this, as he's the only one I know who's been working on an actual deck plan for Avenir.

    In general terms, things get wealthier and cleaner as you move from the bottom of the station to the top of the station. Marketplaces are roughly in the middle. He's also proposing several "void" or interstitial areas between officially-recognized levels (kind of like the 13th floor of a hotel), where the wizards and other folks operating on the margins may hang out.

    I imagine the development of the station has been very erratic over the centuries, with plenty of ill-conceived and poorly-executed additions, modules spliced on, corridors to nowhere, etc. Think Winchester Mystery House.


  2. Thank you Fred. Your general terms are very helpful. I don't feel at a stand still in that one story any more.

    I like thinking Winchester Mystery House.