Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frustrated, But wanted to let people know

I've been unable to make comments on any Blogger blog using Internet Explorer either at home or at work. I can use Google Chrome, but have little time to get on google chrome in order to do so. Therefore, days go by after a story goes up on AE that I like and I never get to a place where I can comment.

So this is my blanket appreciation toward all you other AE authors.
I love your stuff.
I'm happy to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing more of you stories.
Keep up the good work developing our story world and the wonderful and sometimes colorful (Walt!) characters you all are populating it with.

And thanks Grace for all you do to keep this train going.
I have to wonder sometimes if it's like herding cats.


  1. Who? Me? They're just people I know and hang out with.

  2. Hey, thanks. Yep, you got the herding cats bit right! But I love watching what it's becoming in the hands of us all together. It's actually a bit like having the notion to write a novel... and then most of it getting written by other people!

  3. Hey on a rather tangental note, it strikes me that the main body of AE readers are also AE writers. Does anyone know how many non-writer readers Avenir Eclectia has? Roughly? Just wondering...

  4. Good point, Travis. I think this warrants a post of its own. Thinking...