Saturday, November 26, 2011

Everyone Get Writing!

A word to all of our contributors - I currently have in excess of 4 stories each from Travis, Ed, Greg, Fred and Walt. This means I will be able to schedule through February with the material on hand. So...if you want to be in on the action in the next couple of months, please send me some stories soon so I can slot you in with the others! I will be creating the next round of scheduling in about two weeks from now - that gives you a little bit of time to write. C'mon. Just 100 words would do... :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Closing out...or maybe not...

Hi everyone, Travis Perry here.  I'm not sure how to categorize myself for the purpose of this post, but if you want an idea of the kinds of things running around in my head, you can see my blog, which also contains links to my novel and Amazon author page.

I started writing for AE to help Grace my friend, but felt inspired by her concept of angels.  In a flash the idea for my main story arc was born, the Ernsto Mons tales I've been writing.  As you'll see when the story comes to an end in the next few months, the idea of a rough sailor falling in love with a mermaid is echoed in my Ernsto arc.

By the way, I imagined Avenir being out of contact with Earth to the point that old Earth conventions and names would change over time, so in our world, "Ernsto Mons" would be "Ernesto Manas," the name having evolved.  I probably would have done that with everyone's names, but as I'm but one writer, it quickly became apparent the collective group of AE writers was not going that direction, so I mostly stopped doing it myself...

As already mentioned, I've finished writing all the Ernsto stories and know how they end.  At the very end, the Ernsto arc impacts upon my Elsa story arc.  The spark for the Elsa stories began with the description of hunting with spears in other AE tales.  I saw in that not extreme manliness, but rather extreme poverty.  No people in their right minds, in my thinking, would hunt dangerous animals with just spears unless they were so poor as to be unable to afford any other means.

That reminded me of something I learned on a job I used to have.  I grew up in Montana and once upon a time (1997 or so) was hard up for work to the point I took a job from a businessman from California who was making a living demolishing pioneer log cabins and selling the aged wood for rich newcomers to Montana to make into brand-new-but-old-looking log mansions.  Mr. Dubose was a nice man, but on the job I felt like I was both desecrating the past and polluting the future--it really bothered me.  But as I already implied, I really needed the money.  I had little kids at home...

As I dismantled buildings with hewn boards--in case you didn't realize, hewn means they hacked the boards out of trees by hand with axes (can you imagine how much work it would take to do that?)--and separated logs from cabins built with double walls filled with dirt in between to serve as a form of insulation against the bitter winters, I was struck by how downright poor the pioneers were.  And how much they suffered if, say, the winter should last longer than planned.  So this desperate early Montana poverty and isolation, where you have your family and a few neighbors, very few towns to speak of and hardly any civic institutions of any kind (I also saw the same sort of thing in much of Afghanistan) had inspired how I imagined large swaths of the land settlements on Eclectia.

That vision of how things were inspired my Elsa character, the desperately poor woman of faith, struggling to survive and provide for her grandchildren.  Of course, it bears noting that other writers did not see Eclectia this way, so I found myself trying to accommodate both views by portraying Eclectia as having once been basically devoid of towns, taverns, churches, and trading posts, but that it had changed, leaving old pioneer families destitute and struggling.

Anyway, as twice mentioned in this post (and which has happened more than twice), I found myself changing my concepts of how AE worked to match other writers, but have felt as if this understanding of how to operate in a shared-story universe has not been reciprocated.  I've tried to raise issues bothering me with the intent of bringing about group consensus, but it seems as a whole most of the group does not share my personal ideas of consistency.  "Avenir Eclectia is a big place," I've been told repeatedly.

So I decided I'd just bring my Ersnto and Elsa stories to an end, be thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of AE, and quietly step away to allow the rest of you do as you wish without any interference from me.  I have in fact already accomplished part of this goal.  I've finished my stories and submitted them to Grace.

But I created a villain in them, the wizard Hobson.  I did not completely deal with him in the Ernsto arc.  So he must be still around, operating behind the scenes.  I find myself wondering what he will do next.  And I wound up introducing an unnamed peacekeeper who plays a secondary role in the story.  I find myself wondering what exactly his role was and what he will do in the future.

So I have already closed out the Ernsto and Elsa stories with the intent of letting you other writers carry on from here.  The problem is, unfinished ideas are still lingering in my mind, still tugging at me.  I decided I would be finished with the Avenir Eclectia stories, but it seems the stories are not finished with me.  Not just my own, either.  Your collective creations have sunk roots into me that are proving difficult to pull free.

So perhaps I'm not done writing for AE after all...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frustrated, But wanted to let people know

I've been unable to make comments on any Blogger blog using Internet Explorer either at home or at work. I can use Google Chrome, but have little time to get on google chrome in order to do so. Therefore, days go by after a story goes up on AE that I like and I never get to a place where I can comment.

So this is my blanket appreciation toward all you other AE authors.
I love your stuff.
I'm happy to be a part of this project and look forward to seeing more of you stories.
Keep up the good work developing our story world and the wonderful and sometimes colorful (Walt!) characters you all are populating it with.

And thanks Grace for all you do to keep this train going.
I have to wonder sometimes if it's like herding cats.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Okay, sooo On Avenir....

Is the market above or below the Wizards. Are the wizards rock bottom? Do they take up several levels or just one.

Same question with Market. Is it on one level or many?

Guess the docking bays for ships have to be on the outer perimeter, or not since Avenir appears to be a giant wheel with spokes.

Just wondering if the levels mingle, if you have to pass through some things to get through others or if you can just step off a lift and find Wizards, or Market, or Docking Bays (whatever they are called on Avenir)

Sorry for being so dang pushy. I'm sort of at a stand still with one story until I get my bearings a bit better on Avenir.