Thursday, October 6, 2011

Technically Challenged but....

... excited to be here.

First off, I don't have a picture. I'll apprehend my daughter the next time she's home from college to help me with that one.

Second, I don't know how to do the fancy linky stuff the rest of you know how to do, so I'll do it the only way I know how. Here's a link to my stories, so far, on Avenir Eclectia.

But enough with that.

My name is Heather Ruppert and I write for Avenir as Kaye Jeffreys. Kay is my middle name and Jeffrey is my husband's middle name. I have four children ages 22 (boy), 21(boy), 18(girl), and 14(girl). My second son, Nicholas, has been reading my work and he has also shared some of his own spec fiction with me. I've tried to get him interested in writing for Avenir, but so far, no luck. But he is starting to understand microfiction and is ready to help me to get a facebook page, that is AFTER we get his college stuff done for his spring semester.

I get inspiration for writing from my family history. I have a love for lonely, windswept, desolate places like the American Great Plains. I base my understanding of ash and grit ridden Eclectia from this history. My 95 year old grandmother went through the Dust Bowl in the 30s.

Not everyone appreciates the desolate beauty of the Great Plains. But a Quaker boy from Indiana wrote a song about it and how it inspires him to worship God and I think I'll share that with you now, just for fun.
Also, my ancestry comes from Denmark, another windswept place populated with rugged survivors. I'll share this link with you, also just for fun. Not Christian, but very ancient sounding, at least to me.

I have a cousin who is a mining engineer for gold and my husband's brother owns a gold mine in Alaska. So they are where I get my inspiration for my Miners of the Five Rims even though my miners prospect for diamonds rather than gold. It was from my sister-in-law that I found out that diamonds come from volcanoes several years back.

I like writing for Avenir because I'm over busy and have little time for getting creative ideas down on paper or computer screen. Micro Fiction seems to be just the ticket  right now even though I'm essentially a novel writer. The five stories that are up so far are chapters to a whole.

I'm looking forward to see how my thread can weave in with the bigger picture with everyone else.
I'm also looking forward to meet more Avenir writers!
And let me take this opportunity to thank Grace for providing this opportunity to us. It is my first shared story world/universe and it has been an awesome experience. It is so big there is plenty of room for all. Thanks Grace!
Heather aka Kaye


  1. Thanks for the links, Kaye! I especially enjoyed the Nordic music--very cool! And you're right, very ancient-sounding.

  2. I have always loved that first song. I think it is up there with some of the best writing I have ever seen - capturing that kind of emotion is something I aspire to in fiction. And I don't even know the prairies - that is the idea, though, that good writing can take you to the heart of a place you have never been, a feeling you have never had yourself. Hmm, might be something for another post...

  3. Oh, and the other song is very cool too! :)

  4. Thanks Mary and Grace.
    If the song affected you Grace, just imagine what it does for someone born in Nebraska who had beloved cousins that lived in "them cold Dakota Hills".