Monday, October 31, 2011

The Levels and Sections of Avenir?

I have this faint memory that someone is working on that.

Is this true or was I dreaming?

Anyway, what do we know so far? Who is where?
The Wizards and orphans are at the bottom? So is the market?
Do we have a rough idea of how many levels there are and what is on these levels?
Anything else I need to know for a person going from level to level?


  1. It would appear that there are several hundred levels, and maybe 100 on each ring, though no one has actually done anything with the rings yet. Guessing wildly here. But yes, we're working on it, and some upcoming new art from Mike should help make it clearer ;)

  2. I mentioned in some of my stories that the upper levels belong to government officials, including a large suite belonging to Wizard Hobson, who ironically happens to be the Minister of Ethics...