Wednesday, October 5, 2011!

Hey, all.

Grace invited us Avenir Eclectia contributors to introduce ourselves and post our behind-the-scenes thought processes on our individual arcs.

My name is Greg Mitchell and I'm one of those perplexing types that like to write about gnarly monsters and B-movie action--within the Christian Fiction market. It's not been an easy road: I'm either too "weird" for the general Christian Fiction readers, or I'm scoffed at as not being "horror" enough to the mainstream crowd. It's a tough spot, but that's where my passions have led me.

My debut novel The Strange Man, Book One in The Coming Evil Trilogy, was published by Realms Fiction last February. Ten years in the making, this trilogy encapsulates everything I love--loads of action, monsters, and frank discussions on faith and Christianity. Book Two in the series--Enemies of the Cross--will be released in February 2012, with Book Three to follow in Feb '13.

When Grace opened the doors for writers to contribute to Avenir Eclectia, I was immediately intrigued, and slightly terrified. I'm not a hardcore sci-fi kind of guy. But Grace assured me that monsters exist in the world of AE, and if I know anything, it's monsters :p

This actually isn't my first time to write in a shared universe. Thanks to an amazing writing contest on the Official Star Wars website a few years ago, I was actually able to develop a backstory for this random ship seen in the background of a deleted scene of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It's called the Dusty Duck and is my small addition to the official Star Wars lore.

I've also contributed stories and in-universe articles to the Halloween mythology, based on the original 1978 horror film by John Carpenter.

Most recently, I wrote a story for the upcoming Underground Rising anthology, based on the Underground series of Biblical Cyberpunk novels by Frank Creed--who some of you fellow AEers will probably know.

Some might find it constricting to write in a shared universe, but I think it's a really fun challenge. I like to carve out my own piece of the mythology and work with the surrounding authors to craft a cohesive whole. As these blogs progress, I'll go a little deeper into the origins of my particular arc (which you can start reading by going here and scrolling down to the oldest posts)--the story of bug hunter Dressler and his quest to find the underwater angels that hold the cure for his dying daughter.

In the meantime, I invite everyone to check out my site!


  1. First, big congrats on your books already out and coming out.

    Second, I totally agree with you about not being hardcore science fiction. Guess I'm soft core?

  2. Okay, I guess I'm just not cut out for the horror genre. I just went over to your site and watched the teaser for The Strange Man. Don't get me wrong, I'm really intrigued and I might just have to bite the bullet and read it anyway, but I'll be freaked out about it, I can tell you right now. Hmm... maybe I could be really mature about it and see if my little sister wants to have a sleepover--with the lights on? : P
    Seriously, though, you have a cool website, and I really like the stories you've done for AE. I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress.

  3. Thanks, Kaye!

    And thanks, Mary :) I'm glad you're liking Dressler's story so far. I just turned in a couple more installments to Grace! If you ever get brave enough to read "The Strange Man", I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it doesn't scare you...too much :p