Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Need a Wizard and a Dreamer

The younger brother of my story thread, the one that was left behind on Avenir, he wants to bring his Narcissistic father down but can't do it himself. Though he's just becoming of age to be a full citizen of Avenir and he's very smart, Avenir is so complex with so many facets, the younger brother needs help navigating.

What I need. More detailed understanding of what Wizards can and cannot do and how far their power extends, both real and implied.

I already have the thread forming in my mind as to how the younger brother accomplishes his goal, but in order for him to do this, I need more info on Dreamers, Hackers, Gamers, and/or Slugs.

The Wizard and Dreamer can already exist as characters or I can make up my own using the criteria laid out by others. Just need to know the criteria.
I've carved out my setting on Eclectia and am confident with it. However, the complicated workings and setting of Avenir, I need much more info.

Those who can and have time, please help.


  1. I wrote several stories in which I reveal the wizard in the Ernsto tales (Hobson) says wizards derive their power from studying angels. Hobson may be lying...he also claims to be the greatest of the wizards.

    Hobson specifically uses chemicals derived from dead angel corpses to enhance his ability to control and influence human mind. A sort of artificial psi power that includes influencing someone's will at close range, sensing emotion, controlling the body. As I wrote it, Hobson cannot actually read thoughts, which I write as being more difficult than the other powers (as coming from "higher brain" functions).

    I hope that's helpful!


  2. Thanks Captain.
    Definitely helpful.
    And a little liberating.
    I hope others will chime in on their take.