Saturday, October 1, 2011

Greetings Historians

Hi, I'm Jeff C. Carter and the first story I ever had published was on Avenir Eclectia!
That first success was a wonderful boost to a fledgling writer, and now that a little time has passed my credits now include short stories in the upcoming anthologies SCIENCE GONE MAD from Static Movement, SHORT SIPS 2 from Wicked East Press, issues of CALLIOPE and TREMBLES magazine, and a cool new project that I can't discuss just yet.
I'm a huge fan of science fiction, horror and any story that bends or blends genres. Can I share a nerdy moment with you? After I saw Total Recall in the theater (am I dating myself?) I walked out giddy with excitement. My friend and I were gushing over all the possibilities left open at the end of the movie when (spoiler alert!) Mars finally got a rich atmosphere. A whole new world to explore! A fresh start for life to spiral out in all its dizzying forms...
That's how I feel about Avenir Eclectia. My stories Evolution and Leviathan follow a plucky scientist Dr. Kwame Singh who is slowly becoming a tragic, doom eyed wanderer.
He starts studying the evolution of religious beliefs in different environments and is going to end up being tested by visions and prophecies from beliefs that are not necessarily his own.
Other AE historians that I'm really enjoying are Ed M. Erdelac, Greg Mitchell, Travis Perry, Fred Warren, oh man, I just realized how long this list is going to be. Well, I'm really enjoying all of them!
My favorite location is Sheba, hands down. It is dramatic, epic, and ripe with possibility. Still, I can't believe I haven't had a nerd moment and written about those giant bugs yet.
That's all for now, I'll post a little bit of my favorite research to date which can also be found at my blog. Thanks everyone!
-Jeff C. Carter

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  1. That's a pretty big critter (dare I say leviathan) you are sitting astride.

    And, ah yes. I remember reading your story Leviathan. It was one of the things that encouraged me to email Grace and say something along the lines of, "If there are going to be massive destructions or catastrophic events in the future of Avenir, it would be best for those of us with catastrophe-on-the-brain to get together and coordinate out destructions into a mind boggling, mind bending or, at the very least, mind entertaining choreography to delight our growing readership."

    Okay, what I said to Grace sounded nothing like that. But all the same, I'm feeling a need to work with the other writers who have big plans for their story threads. I can't tell from what you are writing if you DO have such a destruction planned. But if you do, then hopefully there's enough AE for the both of us to destroy pieces of it and still leave room for anyone else who wants a piece of the action.