Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ed Erdelac Signing In!

Greetings programs.
I'm Ed (ward M.) Erdelac and I wrote the deep sea procederual story Extraction. You'll likely see more from me in the near future.
I also write the Merkabah Rider weird western series for Damnation Books, which is about a Hasidic gunslinger tracking the renegade master who betrayed his mystic Jewish order across the demon haunted American southwest of the 1880's. Sort of a Jewish Solomon Kane, he encounters angels, demons, and Lovecraftian entities along the way. The series consists of two books, Tales of A High Planes Drifter and The Mensch With No Name, with a third installment, Have Glyphs Will Travel, due out December 1st.
I also wrote a historical no-ghoulies novel called Buff Tea, a coming of age story that takes place during the Texas buffalo hunt of 1874 - that's out from Texas Review Press this month, and I have three novellas, Dubaku (Damnation Books), Red Sails (Lyrical) and Night of The Jikininki (part of Comet Press' DEADCORE collection). Like fellow AE author Greg Mitchell, I've also done some writing for, including a short shockboxing story, Fists of Ion, which ought to be back on their site in December or January when they finish their overhaul.
T'was Greg who introduced me to Grace and the Avenir project. I've never written sci-fi before and am glad to give it a go. Love the shared world aspect, love the idea of co-creating. Should be fun.
My own arc will continue shortly.
If you're interested you can take a look at my other work and musings, and even watch the trailer of the indie movie I wrote and directed over at my blog,
Happy Trails


  1. Love the Merkabah Rider. All too often, one must be reminded that there were others on the frontier besides Anglos, Mexicans, and American Indians--many others. To digress (as usual), an item appearing on the front page of the Dodge City paper in the 1870s read: "Two gentlemen of the Hebrew persuasion have opened a clothing emporium on Front Street. They carry a good line and their prices are reasonable. We make them welcome to our fair metropolis."

  2. Thanks Walt! Yeah there were a slew of different cultures clashing on the frontier. I recently took a research trip to Yuma Territorial Prison down in Arizona and was giddy to find a sign displaying the demographics of the prisoners over its years of operation. They included hundreds of Irishman, Catholics and Indians, six Jews, four Africans, and one Buddhist.