Sunday, October 2, 2011

Circuit Office and Some Questions

I have a Circuit Office coming up in one of my stories. Circuit Offices are multi-purpose buildings located in the less populated areas of Eclectia. Circuit riders or preachers ride around and hold services in these offices. Clinics are held in these offices by various aid groups. And after reading Walt's explanation of Peace Keepers and Enforcers it would seem that the Peace keepers could set up shop there when they come through. And I'm leaving it up in the air as to whether or not there is a permanent room in the circuit office dedicated to the local Enforcer/Sheriff/Marshal, etc.

The Circuit Office in my story is located in Last Stop, a small settlement on the edge of the 'civilization' that my miners visit. The Assayer's office and market are in separate buildings.

Now I have questions.

Could I have a chart or formula concerning Eclectia time verses Earth time?

(Grace here, stepping in with editor's prerogative to answer the questions right here...)
  • From 25 hours in a day, 30 days in a month (aligns with Avenir's Approachings to Eclectia) and 15 months plus 4 extra days in a year (454 days = the planet's actual orbit period around 94 Ceti). There is no chart as such but we can extrapolate from these basic facts.
Could I get more info on Dreamers and Slugs/Gamers?
How do the Gamers hook up to the 'system'?
What is the system/network like?
I've seen the matrix. Obviously they don't hook up with holes in the back of their heads. So what do they do?
  • Fred would be the one to answer this, as that is his storyline.

Is there a specific story known to the writers as to how people came to Eclectia? Or is it a free for all, any one's story is as good as anyone else's?
I only ask because I'm about ready to explore the way my miners, nomads, and hermits view it. And even if it is askew from what really happened, I'd like for it to be askew from a common story, if there is one. If there isn't a common story, that's fine too. Believe me, I can make up my own but I haven't started down that road yet and would really like to compare notes before I do.
  • Beyond these known basics, there isn't much more at present. See also Fred's Dreamer thread. Walt may have some more history to publish on origins, too.
(Thanks for these answers. I have another)

I want more info on the Wizards.
Jaren, the younger brother of Jereth, will begin looking for answers to help he brother. I'm thinking of having him go to the wizards first and I want to portray them accurately. Then I think he will turn to the gamers.
  • Aha, here you will have to ask Kat and Holly and Travis and Keven. There might be more, too. I may have invented the wizards, but I only had a very vague concept and it is the others who have elaborated on it.


  1. Looking forward to whatever people can help me with concerning Wizards and Dreamers.

  2. Circuit riding peacekeepers would basically want an office with a door that locks and adjoins a bunkroom for his enforcers and a room or two in which prisoners could be held for a few days while the peacekeeper is arranging their trial. For the actual trial itself, which rarely takes more than a day, any large room that can be secured will do.

    Thinking about the origins of peoples, sometimes it doesn't take all that long for a separate people to come into existence. As an example, Nikolai Gogol in his "Taras Bulba," points out that the Cossacks originated from people who fled south out of Russia into the steppes, the Kuban, and the Crimea to escape serfdom (According to the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, the word"Cossack" is from the Turkic "Kazack" [freeman], "meaning one who could not find his appropriate place in society and moved to the steppes where he acknowledged no authority"). Within a few generations they had developed a culture very different from that back in the Grand Duchy of Moscow. One thing to keep in mind, nonliterate cultures tend have reliable folk histories going back between 200 and 400 years tops. Any happenings and people further back are usually indistinguishable from myth.

  3. I was actually thinking that the Enforcers would have their own building, like a sheriff in the old west. The trial could take place in the circuit office in a big room when the peace keepers came around. This would keep them from having criminals housed in the same building where the sick are tended to and where people would go to hear the circuit preacher.

    The Cossack example is a good one. I like it.

  4. Kaye, I think you're right about the need for a separate building for the enforcers and their prisoners. I believe it's officially called a "Containment Unit," but unofficially it's the "brig"--a leftover from Avenir's days as a spaceship.

  5. Thanks to both Walt and Grace for answering so many of my questions.

  6. Kaye,

    Sorry for the delay on this--I've been off the grid for a few weeks and am scrambling to catch up.

    There are a couple of forthcoming posts about the Dreamers that should answer some of your questions about them. Basically, they're the descendants of the original command crew of the Avenir, the colonization ship that became the current space station we all know and love. Everyone thinks the Dreamers have simply withdrawn from society into a virtual fantasy world, but they wield enormous power behind the scenes, using the virtual reality interface to monitor and control (when they choose to) the Avenir nanofactories and many of the basic life support functions of the entire colony, including the undersea habitats. Only a few citizens of the colony know the truth about them. To everyone else, they're an urban legend. They see themselves as custodians of the colony's mission and responsible for its continuing prosperity. However, they believe that Avenir Eclectia, in its current state, will gradually wither and die, and they are considering options to ensure its survival. Their virtual reality interface is completely immersive and very sophisticated--you'll see more of that soon.

    The Dreamers underestimate the Wizards, who they see as befuddled science-religionists who play with inherited technology but don't understand it. This causes the Dreamers to discount the Angels as folklore, the product of the Wizards' confused imagination. They think the life forms native to Eclectia are no more intelligent than dolphins.

    The gamers, or "slugs", on the other hand, _have_ truly withdrawn from society into a virtual world centered on games. They may play the occasional prank, hacking into the Avenir public network, but that's the extent of their involvement or influence. Their virtual interface is more like the ones we're familiar with--tactile gloves and suits, 360-degree 3D video helmets, etc. They think the Dreamers are a metaphor/codename for a high-security section of the Avenir network they've never been able to hack into.

  7. Thanks Fred.
    I'll be watching for your stories before I move ahead with mine, unless I get to the point where I need to move ahead, in which case I'll contact you with what I'm thinking.