Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writing With A Pseudonym

The question for me has always been, will I ever be able to simply follow the rules and fit in? But if the truth be known, I love seeing the world from a slightly different angle -- makes it all seem so much more interesting. :)

Yes, I've written a couple of stories here using a pseudonym, but to maintain anonymity, primarily because I want to see how the pseudonym-end of things works, I'll not tell you who I am in the collective - male or female, young or old. Shall we allow my strange sense of adventure to ride out, please?

Some of you know me, and for those who don't, I'm a multipublished author, of mainly print magazine articles & poetry, having nearly 100 articles to my credit, including reprints. I'm also putting the finishing touches on a weird little book of lyric essays, which includes a dash of memoir and a few pieces of poetry thrown in for variety. It truly is unique. (And the jury's still out on whether that's a good thing or a bad thing ... :) )

My favorite genres are creative nonfiction and poetry, but I've also been exploring (and loving) the world of slant or fringe fiction: the psychological, the skin-crawling, the mess-with-your-mind type of stuff, though I'm not a fan of horror or supernatural thrillers.

Besides having a husband and grown son, and a small acreage with animals and fruit trees, I'm also the maven at the indie house, Port Yonder Press. As an aside, Grace and I, both small press owners, enjoy a little playful banter occasionally on my blog. Feel free to join the fun at the Clipper and Comet Pub (from the "pub"lishers), here.

I love the linked idea behind Avenir, and am currently in the process of writing my own set of linked stories, but they'll be placed firmly here on earth, the way I generally prefer them. Though I must quickly add that I've been fascinated watching the evolution of this little experiment of Grace's, and must now find time to get more involved with it. I can't wait to see where it all goes!

~Chila Woychik


  1. I'm also writing under a Pseudonym but I'm not guarding it at all.

    I actually have a blog under an entirely different pseudonym that I guard ferociously because of the nature of the blog. It sometimes deals with controversial things and I challenge certain influences in certain segments of Christianity that are not healthy.

  2. good for you, kaye. i could have done that with my blog, but then, so much of what i do there has to do with writing and publishing too, and i don't really want *two* blogs to deal with.

    re: writing - i'm veering off into different markets with my fiction, and need to maintain anonymity for that reason, i.e., some simply wouldn't understand.