Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome Inside

Greetings, Avenir Collective! Here follows a special message for all historians and potential historians. If you've stumbled in here not knowing what it is, check out the Avenir Eclectia main site.

This supplemental Avenir Eclectia blog exists for us all to introduce ourselves, talk about our story threads, and discuss issues of worldbuilding, character sharing, and overlaps between stories. All Avenir authors will be sent an invite to post to this blog. (If you're an author and didn't get one, let me know and I'll sort it out). It's not a must - you don't have to join in, but I think it could provide some useful synergy as we continue to write and work on our various corners of the Avenir world.

It will also be a place to elaborate on background information which you can read to help with your stories. If you want to, you can give teasers for where your story arc is headed, or ask questions about any matter that might be uncertain.

A couple of notes on posting:
  • Please use flexible language when talking about future developments: not "this WILL happen" but "this COULD happen" - as some things will no doubt need tweaking to align with existing lore. In other words, suggestions should be worded as suggestions, not statements.
  • For your first post, please introduce yourself, add a photo, describe what other writing you do, etc - and also tell us about your Avenir stories (with a link to your tag on the main site), your vision for them, and why you like being a part of Avenir Eclectia, because that always does good for me to hear ;)
  • Before posting, please check the schedule (available under "Edit Posts") and set your post up to go live on the next available day (available under "Post Options" > "Post date and time"). This will keep posts to one each day. We don't want to overload anyone. If you are writing a lot of posts, space them out by a few days so others can pop theirs in between. Oh, and it runs on NZ time, which as everyone knows is in the future, so stuff will go up before you expect it. Please set post time to 10:30 PM if you remember.
  • Please also dive into commenting on the posts there, and help to shape Avenir's future! I reserve the right to tweak posts if the concepts morph by the time we've settled matters in the comments.
  • For further posts, please feel free to write any background to your stories, related setting and culture descriptions, thoughts on the continuing story arc - basically anything relevant that is not included in the stories themselves. Of course you'll want to be careful about spoilers.
  • Technical issues? Contact me.
I also recommend subscribing by email. In any case you will want to bookmark it as a resource to refer to when writing.

This page is subject to change.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this crazy ride, and helping me make the world of Avenir Eclectia a rich, deep place for readers and writers to lose themselves in!


  1. I'm so excited about this.
    Since I first started writing for AE I've always craved more... more info on the setting as a whole and on the individual places.

    Plus I love, love, love the freedom to develop my little corner of AE. And I've only received encouragement as I let my creativity flow.
    I only wish I had time today, this very day, to start on a post.

    But, alas, had to work a few hours at my second job, my daughter has a basketball tourney I have to go to and then we have a wedding reception later.

    I sure am glad I have AE and mirco fiction to let my creativity out. I don't have much time right now to work on bigger projects. Though they are in my (hopefully not too distant) future.
    Heather Ruppert
    Writing as Kaye Jeffreys
    Thanks again Grace!

  2. Hey Grace, when you get a chance, can you add a 'recent comments' thingy in the side bar so we don't miss comments?

  3. I'm excited about this too, Kaye. I have become a huge, die-hard fan of AE over the last several months, and this new blog is just one more way I can enjoy it!
    Thanks once again, Grace, for creating such an awesome playground for all of us wild, crazy writers! : )

  4. Hey Grace!
    I really like the blue background!