Friday, September 30, 2011

Introducing the Shouhei Fiko Stories and My Self

Some of you may have been reading the adventures of a young Enforcer named Shouhei Fiko. He is a young man who had the good fortune to be selected for the Enforcer Corps. This gives him the opportunity to leave the miserable conditions of Adagio on Eclectia's surface for a better life. The "good fortune" turns into a sham when Shouhei learns the truth of his appointment.

I will not spoil the fun. You will just have to read the stories to find out the full story.

My name is Joseph H. Ficor. I am originally from Illinois state in the US. I currently live in Niigata, Japan, with my beautiful wife, Kiyomi, and my son, Shouhei.

Grace's project gave me the opportunity to immortalize my little buddy in print. Please keep a look out for more Shouhei stories.


  1. What part of Illinois are you from?

    I grew up in Springfield but I live an hour south east of there now

  2. Joseph has done the most to made the enforcers what they are today.

  3. I live in many places in Illinois. I lived in Carbondale for eight years before I moved overseas.

  4. Funny thing. My son and I started working on college stuff for SIU. My brother graduated from there. Did you go to school there in your either years Joseph?

  5. Kaye,

    I attended SIUC in 2000-2001 to finish my bachelor's degree. I attended SIUC again in 2007-2008 to study for my master's degree. I worked various jobs in and around Carbondale between those times. I attended a really great church that focused its ministry toward foreign students.